Map of Mexicali area

Mexicali is the capital of the state of Baja California, México. Our city is located in the northeastern section of the Baja California peninsula, bordering with the city of Calexico, CA., in the Imperial Valley, part of the Imperial County, CA. Mexicali county extends through 5,400 square miles, covering 20% of the state's land surface. Our city was founded in 1903, and since its origin it has distinguished itself by receiving and integrating to its community hardworking people coming from all over México and the world in search for better opportunities.

Due to its unique location, Mexicali is well positioned as an import/export hub between the Pacific, North and South American markets. The Universal Group considers its location to be an asset in delivering our products to our domestic and international markets.


Freight Transportation

There are several ways to access Mexicali. By road coming from the United States. A main advantage is rapid access to the wide network on Interstate freeways and highways that run throughout the neighboring State of California. Among the main routes readily approachable we can mention Interstate 8, just seven miles from the border, which west an east-bound traffic represents an important avenue of transportation to both the western an eastern halves of the continental USA; Interstate 10 just a few miles further north, gives access to the northern parts of California and other northerly States, passing through the Los Angeles Metropolitan area adjacent communities.

Map of Air TransportationAir Transportation

Mexicali's International Airport, "General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada", is located 20 Kms. east of the city and offers services to all types of flights, private and commercial. There are daily flights out of the Airport to other major cities in México. In addition, we have access to the Imperial Valley Airport, 15 miles north across the border from Mexicali which operates commercial flights to different cities in the United States.




Map of RailwayRailroad Transportation

Mexicali's railroad network is 131 Kms. long, 71 of which correspond to main routes, 39 Kms. to auxiliary routes and 21 kms. to private routes. The railways that cross this municipality are joined to the Pacific Railroad, with is linked to the Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad and the National Railway Network of México.



Map of Sea TransportationSea Transportation

In regards to sea transportation, Mexicali has access, within a 5 hours drive, to the San Pedro-Long Beach harbor, and on the Mexican side, within 3 1/2 hours to the port of Ensenada. Both harbors allow for shipping to ports throughout the world.





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